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Darcy's Journal

Sickos, Eyes, Car Troubles

Sickos, Eyes, Car Troubles

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It started at 4:30 PM last Wednesday. Christie is one of my favorite mommy friends and her son is Joseph's best buddy. We were having a lovely playdate. She has this great backyard and we were lounging and enjoying a lovely fruit and cracker snack when Naomi lost her lunch. . . and her breakfast. . . and probably everything she ate the day before, too.
She seemed to recover by Friday but Saturday she was just horribly sick again. On Sunday she wasn't even interested in her candy. So sad.
By Tuesday Julia was sick and last night Joseph threw up.
Naomi is fully recovered. Julia is doing pretty well, but I've been losing a lot of sleep in order to nurse her frequently and keep her hydrated. Joseph seems to have (in typical Joseph style) recovered quickly, but I'm not rushing into feeding him normal food any time soon.
Naomi's glasses came today! I can't wait to see if they help her. We had her wear them tonight but we were inside and I don't think she really "gets" how to use them yet. It is a little complicated since they only offer correction for the half of her field of vision where there is a lens so there is a little learning curve. I am hopeful that her little world will get a little clearer.
Julia is wearing a patch for 2 hours a day and so far it hasn't been much of a problem to keep it on. I fear the day she figures out how to pull it off of her eye.
We were rear-ended while we were in the Bay Area taking the girls to the eye doctors. There was $11,000 damages to the minivan and it will take until mid-May to complete the repairs. Unfortunately, the other driver had not paid his insurance bill so we're out for the car rental costs which is considerable because we're renting a minivan so that I can keep up with carpooling. Super lame.
  • Ay yi yi on the sickness and the car rental costs! Ouch!
  • hope all are feeling better soon! Give me fever and cough any day - I loathe GI bugs.
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