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Darcy's Journal



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Julia is 1. She has 6 teeth. She does not walk yet. She is awesome - sweet, funny, very very cute.
Joseph is 6. He is very funny. I see a lot of great things in his demeanor. He is learning very slowly to regulate himself a bit. It should not surprise anyone that a significant increase in physical activity really helps him regulate his tactile issues and even generally helps his social interactions. He is in a social skills playgroup with some wonderful boys. He loves it. It's a pain in the ass to get there (it is a half hour away and I have to drag the girls and then just sit there for an hour), but for now the benefit seems significant. In other news, Joseph has gone from being the most giantest baby to being a tiny child. He is about 42 inches tall and weighs just over 40 lbs. He was the second smallest in his kindergarten class.
Naomi is 3 1/2 now. She is so smart. So. Smart. She is constantly saying and doing things that take me by surprise. She seems to have really excellent spacial reasoning skills. I think she will be math minded like me. She is also a pain in the ass. Her tantrums are furious and frequent.
With three kids, I find that one is always my joy, one is my worry, and the other is my pain in the ass. Right now it's Julia, Joseph, and Naomi, respectively, but it rotates. Everyone gets to be my favorite once in a while.

My Godmother, Susan, visited us last month. This is what the monsters look like now.
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    hahahahaha. I have a friend from high school who posted on facebook about how her son (3ish) had a tantrum the other day and that it had been a long time and she hoped it would be a while before the next one. I had to laugh because a day without a tantrum is a rarity around here. And that's even now that the "easy" child is the 4 year old. Way to go with the social skills playgroup! We're still trying to figure out how to properly socialize miss lily. Lately, she's very.easily.embarrassed. and reacts pretty strongly when she thinks someone is making fun of her. Yesterday she threw herself on the ground, screamed, punched me, and then hit under my shirt (in quick succession) when an elderly person smiled at her in a way that she interpreted as mocking (it wasn't). Today, something similar happened, but she felt more comfortable with the adult, so she quacked in his face. LOUD. Then hid under my shirt. The playground is not her forte these days. sigh. -Sue
  • They are all three so awesome! I love the picture! I can't believe how much Naomi has changed. And yeah, Joseph WAS giant, so I'm surprised to hear he's so much smaller than Blue now! Love Julia's tie-dye. Love this update.
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