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Darcy's Journal

Shingles, Photos, Internet Hoaxes, and Glass Tile

Shingles, Photos, Internet Hoaxes, and Glass Tile

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My friend Maureen's sister Bushie took those pictures. I love them. I feel like they're a good representation of what my kids are like right now.

I'm done with the shingles. It was pretty bad for about a week and then it faded quickly. I was lucky to get onto the anti-viral medication so quickly. I have never had an illness that was _so_ dramatically affected by my stress level. I had a few stressful days during the illness and the next days I woke up in significantly more pain than the day before. I was finally able to chill a bit toward the end and things faded.

What caused my stress, you might ask? So. . . to make a crazy long story short. . .
A friend of a friend has a little girl with Down Syndrome who is also a cancer survivor and a survivor of Infantile Spasms. Infantile Spasms is the term given to epilepsy occurring in a very young child (less than 3 I think). It is not always controllable with medication and frequently leads to permanent brain damage. So, this friend of a friend (we'll call her H) has an Internet friend who blogs about his daughter who suffers from IS. His blog is very popular. He runs all kinds of giveaways and she was a winner of the most recent one. She won an iPad to use as a communication tool for her child (see The Wall Street Journal for more info on that - amazing). There were 40 winners and all this blogger was asking of them was that they share links to his blog and vote for him on blog popularity sites in order to increase traffic to his site - and his donate button - on which he has raised at least $29000. Of course, there are no iPads. Anyway, my friend Maureen and I got deep into investigating this guy and trying to expose him to the community. It was stressful and difficult to see so many people defending him and holding out hope that they had not been scammed. It was hard to see such an ugly side of a parent. Not fun at all. So, H, Maureen, another blogger, and I are heading up an effort to get iPads to the kids who "won" this contest. We've only been able to identify 20 of them as real people (some of the other 20 may have been fakes created by the contest running asshat, and some just didn't want to deal with any of this crap anymore, which I can understand). So, we're working hard to raise about $11000 to get iPads to these kids. If you're interested in reading more about that you can visit our blog. Check out our first recipient using his iPad and what his parents had to say about it here:
Christopher with his iPad!

In more fun news, I've been working on finally putting up a backsplash behind my kitchen sink and counter. I'll post pictures when it's done. Turns out it's hard to cut glass mosaic tile nicely, but I'm learning.
  • OK, first of all, those pictures are SUPER SUPER CUTE. Which of course means your KIDS are super cute. But you knew that.

    Second of all, scammers suck, and that's just disgusting.

    Third of all, ooh! Mosaic tile backsplash sounds divine! If I could, I would mosaic half my house. I love it.
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