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Darcy's Journal



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I should write more. If I wrote more I would definitely feel more inclined to quickly update on all of the little things that happen every day that make this time so special/maddening.
For now. . .
Julia is definitely out of the baby stage and a full blown toddler. She still doesn't have many words in her vocabulary, but she chatters in an animated way constantly. She can be very demanding and is rarely content to just sit and snuggle anymore. So sad for mommy.
The big highlight in her life is Kindermusik. She loves it. I love going with her. I also had a great time in Kindermusik with Naomi (NOT with Joseph - he hated it), but this has been extra fun. Julia is probably my most socially savvy child and just loves putting herself in the middle of a room and working hard to play to every person in the place.
I think Naomi might be really, frighteningly smart. Add this to her demanding, stubborn, manipulative personality and you have TROUBLE. She runs the show around here - no doubt.
She's been doing a lot of learning on her own. She picked up a phonics toy of Joseph's and has managed to learn all of the letters of the alphabet and the sounds they make with really no adult help. The other day I handed her a book entitled "The Bug Dug" which is a level 1 reader with a lot of 3 letter words with short vowel sounds. With a very little help she read it to me. I am pretty floored. She is technically old enough to start kindergarten next year (the cutoff will be Nov 1 and she is Oct 13) but with the city moving the date further and further back I feel like I should hold her for a year. Socially that seems right, she is still easily overwhelmed and I think she needs more time to learn how to use her glasses to orient herself physically in a chaotic space. So, the question will be: How do I keep this smart girl challenged while I give her the space and time to be ready for the chaos that kindergarten will bring?
Sweet as ever - maybe sweeter. I got a notice from school that he is getting extra reading help from a resource teacher. I was a little floored that they hadn't told me he was having trouble reading, but of course I'm glad for him to have the extra help. The teacher says she is mostly concerned with his fluency and pacing when he reads, though when I talked to the specialist she told me that he failed to identify all of the sounds that the letters of the alphabet make in his evaluation. Again - very surprising as he can do so very easily at home - but if he can't do it at school I do want him to have the help. We've ramped up our reading work here at home. I am a terrible reader and I don't want that for him, so we're really focusing on this.
He craves scientific knowledge. He constantly wants to do experiments and build things and learn about things. He is really into satellites right now - man made, natural, etc. He loves the idea that Earth _is_ and _has_ a satellite.
It would be hard to express what a good dad and husband this guy I married is. He works hard and then comes home full of energy to give to the kids. He is awesome. We had a great date night last week and I'm realizing that we need more - more stuff to do together and more time out. It's hard to make it happen, but I really want it.
There are so many things I _want_ to do every day. It is time to move Naomi and Julia into the big bedroom which means a painting project and such. I went to a 3 day Birthing From Within training and am contemplating whether their mentor program might be a good fit for me. I am doing a fair bit of breastfeeding work and am hoping to teach a community class soon. I am involved with the school site council and the PTO at Joseph's school. I am trying to spend more time in Naomi's classroom.
That said, I just don't have the energy. I have the time - it's just that I want to sleep with every free minute I have because I'm just not getting the sleep I need at night. It would be easy to blame the baby, who still nurses a couple of times a night and has a terrible habit of pulling my hair in her sleep, but my insomnia is just as much to blame. I can't really take anything to help me sleep because that's not safe with the baby in the bed. So. . . that's my current challenge.
  • Excellent to read this update! I am too braindead to write a coherent response, but I feel you on the lack of sleep thing, and Zoelle has pulled my hair in bed too, although she seems to have stopped, thank goodness.
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