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Darcy's Journal

Ten Things That Seem Significant Today

Ten Things That Seem Significant Today

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1. I had cryoneurolysis performed on my right foot last week. A year after injuring my already-constantly-irritated plantar fascia last January, I am nearly pain free. I am so relieved.

2. Joseph is acting like a spoiled brat. There is much demanding of fun outings and whining about things like homework, cleaning up, or being asked to transition away from projects toward other things like meals, getitng ready to leave the house, bedtime, etc. I think we've given him a life _too_ rich with super fun activities and need to tone things down a bit.

3. I met some of the local birth professionals here in Ventura County today. It was nice to put faces to names I have heard around town for years but have never met. It was a neat group of women.

4. I was the only one who had to bring little kids with me to the meeting today. Everyone was very gracious with my girls and my girls were well-behaved, but it really drove home for me that most people do not delve into this work while they are still at home with little (nursing even) babies.

5. We are night-weaning Julia. I am sleeping in another room until she sleeps through the night without a sippy or anything. Matt is dealing with the night-time monster and doing well. So far she's doing well, but I think Matt is still giving her a small cup of milk when she gets up. Baby steps.

6. Julia is 19 months old, but to me she's still a tiny baby.

7. I am taking Julia and Naomi to a sign and sing class (Kindermusik) and am loving having an activity for the two of them. It seems that most of the time I do things with all three kids or Joseph and Julia or Joseph and Naomi and have not done much to facilitate a fun relationship between the two girls. It's great to be able to do that.

8. Joseph's reading is behind for his grade level. He is seeing a reading specialist at school. Over the break I had him read for an hour every day and saw modest, but clear results. And, of course, there's a youtube video:

9. I am going to become a La Leche League leader. I'm looking forward to hopefully giving back a little to the organization that helped me find some of my best mom friends and some much needed support When Joseph and Naomi were little tiny little.

10. My godmother is coming for her annual (hopefully semi-annual) trip tomorrow. I'm hoping to paint the room that will soon be my girls' bedroom.
  • Super yay for being nearly pain free! And for a lot of this other stuff too! Nice to hear from you. <3
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